Thesis - Analysis/ Discussion Chapter

The thesis analysis/discussion chapter is one of the most important chapters of the thesis. This chapter is mainly depends on the data collected during the research process. That is it contains all the information and data collected during the period of research. One of the main problems of every thesis writer is that they don't know how to present the collected data and information in proper way. Most of them are fail to present or discuss these data properly. Present the entire result of our analysis without much difficult. Everyone should understand the outcome of our research while reading our analysis/discussion chapter. A good analysis/discussion paper should follow some format and structure. It is not an easy task to present the collected data in such manner. Everyone struggle to follow these rule. Most important thing is that analysis chapter is not only for the sake of analysis. I should be write in clear and concise so that it easy to understand for all readers. If it like this reader has a tendency to read whole thesis otherwise they will never read you paper. That is writing style play an important role in convince the research and findings to the reader. The analysis/discussion part is the important on which the specialist reaches the inference, recognizes examples and gives suggestions. The whole utility of the research process relies on upon how well the research is finished.

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