The Golden Rules of Writing Personal Statement Essays

The personal statement essay is an integral part of most graduate school applications. Many-a-time it acts as the deciding factor for admission. This makes it essential for students to write their personal statement essays with all sincerity and effort.

Your personal statement essay is your chance to breathe life into your application and distinguish yourself from the other candidates. A well-written essay enables you to showcase your unique personality beyond your test scores and grades. But often students struggle to compose an exceptional personal statement essay that can express their experiences and thoughts and leave a lasting impression on the selection committee members. As one of the best essay writing service providers, we often encounter questions regarding how to write personal statement essays. So, here we have outlined for you the golden rules of writing personal statement essays.

Begin with ample time on hand

A compelling personal statement essay is the result of dedication and hard work, none of which can be achieved in a rush. So, the first rule of drafting an impressive personal statement is to start early and have ample time on your hands to finish the essay without having to worry about the deadline.

Pay attention to the opening sentence

Open your essay with an engaging anecdote. If you follow the personal statement essays written by write my essay online service, you will notice that most of them detest from using a catchy first liner. An engaging anecdote will allow you to draw the reader into your story and compel the reader to continue reading. So, pay attention to the opening sentence.

Highlights your strengths

A personal statement essay is your attempt to sell yourself to the university. Imagine yourself to be in the shoes of an admission committee member. What will you look for in a potential candidate? Often admission officers look for candidates who are academically inclined to write my essay for cheap rate and show promise for the future. Instead of plainly telling them that you are very good at a particular subject or want to pursue a specific goal, show them how passionate you are about it. Highlight your strengths even as you describe your experiences and future plans.

Make your story a lively read

One cardinal rule of writing personal statement essay is to make it a lively and memorable read. Any top rated essay writing service provider will tell you that the best way to capture your reader's interest is to tell your story in an engaging manner. You need not write a paper about something very unique, but you can present your story in a creative manner. Just make sure that it must be intriguing enough to arrest the attention of your readers and make them fall in love with it.

Use your own voice and ideas

A personal statement essay is meant to reflect your story and your unique personality. In order to accomplish this feat, you need to write my own essay with own voice and your own ideas to compose the essay. It is never a great idea to follow set patterns while drafting your personal stamen essay, as you yourself must determine how you want the essay to develop.

Edit and proofread carefully

The final rule of writing a personal statement essay is to edit carefully and proofread repeatedly. Editing enables you to weed out ambiguous ideas and complex sentences. It helps to bring clarity to your essay and express your ideas in a cohesive manner. Regarding the importance of proofreading, even the finest essay writing service providers do not take the risk of ignoring this step. Proofreading helps you to eliminate all inadvertent errors that might hamper the quality of your essay. In short, this step helps you to polish your essay and make it a flawless piece of writing.

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