Essays [All Types]

Academic essays are very important for students. Essays are deciding their academic grade. Also teachers understand in which field students are interesting and what is their skill, so all students are trying to achieve good academic grade. Writing is used for communication; also we are expressing our thought through writing. You can see essays are categorized in many types. Generally four types are there, that are:

Narrative Essays:

Narrative essays are similar to telling a story. Writer writes the essay from his experience. Usually it describe like a story. So while writing narrative essays' you must add interesting sentences and words based on you topic. This way you can grab readers mind.

Persuasive Essays:

They are used for expressing writers thought or ideas. Persuasive essays are describing writers' view points. You can write essay with logic topic and evidence. Present your whole arguments in correct order with strong evidence.

Descriptive Essays:

They are similar to narrative essay, but some points are different. It describes all thing and giving a picture for readers through word. Consider a person; through descriptive essays you will get all physical information and behavior of that person.

Expository Essays:

They are used to present informative topic. You can express with your points with examples and evidence and it also similar to persuasive essays. Commonly these types' essays are used for to express comparison, feeling, and emotions.

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